Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Organized Baking Cabinet

I am so happy to finally have tackled this project because it has literally been on my To Do list for months and months. I have Pinterest to thank for that and if I didn't just have a baby three weeks ago I might have been able to tackle this in time for the Pinterest Challenge. Oh well. The point is that I did it! With a three week old! Woot.

Before, our baking cabinet was a sad state with everything kinda thrown in all willy nilly. I could never find my measuring cups and spoons because they were lost amongst the chaos and I had about five mostly empty boxes of tea bags taking up way too much space. To top it all off I couldn't even fit my hand mixer in the cabinet and had to keep it in a different cabinet all together. Finally I had enough!

To start I used a couple Command strips to attach some cork board (found at Staples) to the inside of the cabinet door. I had to cut the third piece to fit on top but this cork was easy enough to cut with a pair of strong scissors.

After adding the cork I was able to hang all my measuring cups and spoons! Life changing! Gone are the days of searching and now everything is right there easy to find, use, and put back.

I used black baker's twine to hang each one from a brass thumbtack. A little striped washi tape (four pack found at the Goodwill, originally from Target!) divides the space and adds some fun.

With those items out of the way I organized the rest of the cabinet and used some more washi tape for labeling.

Yay! My mixer fits now!

Ten trillion times better.

Oh and Evey supervised.

Psst: I updated the cabinet once again a couple weeks later.
Read all about it here!

And watch the video tour here on YouTube!

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