Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Organized Kitchen Cabinet Tour

Hey yo! For all my American friends, I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day weekend and were able to enjoy the beautiful weather. For everyone else...happy Tuesday! 

Well guys, I finally did it. I finally got around to organizing every single one of our kitchen cabinets and man does it feel good. Not one door was left unopened and every shelf and drawer has been wiped down and organized. Let's go on a little tour shall we:

First stop on the tour, our fridge wall:

1. The top left cabinet next to our fridge holds all of our mixing bowls as well as supplies, such as napkins, paper plates and cups, plasticware, vases, and drink holders. The plastic spoons and forks are stored in tin cans I made cute with a little scrapbook paper.

2. The middle left drawer is used to store our most often used tools for easy access. Everything else is stored in our basement.

*updated to show most recent organization!

3. The bottom left cabinet contains two pull-out drawers. 

The top drawer holds our plastic storage containers. A little while ago I went through them and matched everything up with its corresponding lid. Anything without a match went in the trash and now the drawer is easy to maintain.

This bottom drawer used to be a mess with no real purpose. I used to keep leftover jars here as well as random dishes and other items I didn't know what to do with. Now that Evey's here though I knew I wanted it to be a place to keep all of her items so one day she can have access to these drawers without worrying about anything getting broken and I don't have to child-proof the doors.

4. Above our fridge is that elusive over-the-fridge cabinet that nobody can reach. It's here that we keep our wine glasses and liquor which are used rarely. I don't drink and my husband is more of a beer guy so these things are rarely accessed, perfect for this location.

5. Moving over to the right side, the top cabinets are what we refer to as our pantry and hold the majority of our dry goods. I organized this cabinet just recently with the help of a 50¢ under-shelf organizer and a couple other free items. You can read about that here and even watch the video tour.

6. Our junk drawer is also holding strong ever since I cleaned it out a few months ago. 

7. The bottom right cabinet also has the same two pull-out drawers as the left side.

The top drawer holds our potatoes and onions as well as extra flour and sugar. The white dishes, truthfully, had no other place to go.

The bottom drawer holds our cereal as well as extra bulk food items in the back as need be. The same idea of "kid-safe" applies to these cabinets as well, except for those white dishes of course. I'm sure I can find a better spot for them before Evey's crawling.

Next up is our sink wall:

8. The top right drawer holds all of our sponges, dishwashing gloves, and even a toothbrush, the best cleaning tool there is. I also keep Evey's washcloths in here since she gets bathed in the sink.

9. The bottom cabinet got cleaned out and organized just last month and holds bath supplies on the top shelf and all the rest of our cleaning supplies on the bottom.

10.  Our under-the-sink cabinet isn't anything to write home about but it is relatively organized and does its job containing our recycling, dishwasher detergent, and other random items. I'd like to eventually give this cabinet a little more love and attention one day.

And last but not least, the stove wall:

11. Starting at the top left cabinet you'll see our newly organized baking cabinet. I'm loving this thing and even filmed a video of it you can watch on my YouTube channel.

12. Below the baking cabinet is our utensil drawer that just recently got a little more colorful with the addition of some adorable baby spoons.

13. The bottom left cabinet is right next to our stove and holds all of our cooking oils and vinegars as well as a few cookbooks and our blender/food processor. The jars that used to be in the other cabinet next to the fridge got relocated to this cabinet, a much better spot.

14. We have one more of those hard to reach cabinets above the microwave and in it we keep our extra coffee makers (since we only use our Nespresso now) as well as coffee filters and a cake stand.

15. To the right of our stove is our cooking cabinet and it holds all of our spices as well as dry pasta and cooking sauces.

16. Below the spice cabinet is our plastic bag/wax paper/tin foil drawer. We also keep our birthday candles in this drawer for easy access.

17. All of our pots and pans fit nicely in this cabinet since we don't have too many. Two non-stick and two stainless steel pans are all we use as well as two smaller pots and one big pot for soups/pasta/etc.  Below the pot is our roasting pan with a sifter tucked on the side.

18. We're almost there! The top right cabinet on this side holds all of our cups, dishes, and bowls. I recently added the white wire rack to maximize space for our mugs and it worked out perfectly. I can fit them all in so much better and there's no more stacking and fearing that they'll fall when you open the door! The top shelf holds rarely used items like Christmas mugs and serving dishes. 

19. The last drawer on the tour holds all of our utensils as well as pot holders, trivets, and grill tools. When organizing this drawer I pulled out the smaller utensils (like peeler, ice cream scoop, and bottle opener) to allow more room in the two dividers and put them in a small plastic container. A few unused items got tossed and I was even able to gift my mother in law with a brand new pizza cutter since we had two. 

20. And finally, the bottom right cabinet holds the rest of our baking and cooking supplies like cutting boards, baking pans, rice cooker, crock pot, and large serving dishes, most recently organized here.

And there ya have it! A place for everything and everything in its place. 

>>To see some cabinets a little more in depth, check out my YouTube channel!
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