Friday, June 14, 2013

Adding Bathroom Storage

It's amazing how much longer a painting project takes with a 6 week old, let me tell you. After getting Evey down for her morning nap I have about 1 1/2-2 hours to get changed into painting clothes, get my paint and brushes ready, paint, and then clean everything up and change back into clean clothes before she wakes up. So a project that would normally take me two days now takes a week or more. My project this time is a $10 Craiglist bathroom vanity/cabinet I'm currently painting and planning to use in our main floor bath for some much needed extra storage. 

While I did organize the cabinet underneath our sink, the truth is that my hair blower, flat iron, and makeup bag were out so when I need to put them away they just get stacked on top of everything else. Plus with the addition of a couple baby items we just need more storage.

So while I plug away at my cabinet project, check out these great ideas for pretty bathroom storage:

I plan to use some clear glass jars on my cabinet for pretty open storage.

I've Pinned about 5 of these same over-the-door shelf ideas and I think it's about time I add one to our bathroom!

Chalkboard memo board inside of an organized cabinet...just darling!

To see more of my bathroom pins check out my Pinterest boards.
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