Thursday, June 20, 2013

Organized Storage in Our Small Bathroom

Oh happy day! Our main bathroom used to be small and storage-challenged. The only storage the room used to have was the cabinet under the sink and while I tried to organize it as best I could there was only so much that could fit. My hair dryer, flat iron, nail supplies, and other things still could not fit in the bathroom so we simply needed more storage. Thanks to a $10 Craigslist medicine cabinet, a free shelf from my Dad's office, and a couple trips to the Dollar Tree, although still small, our bathroom now is perfectly functional with storage galore! Check it out:

The medicine cabinet was such a great addition and now holds all of my most often used supplies.

All of the bins in my medicine cabinet cost me a total of $5 and the three jars were only $1 each. The two white baskets, black dishes, and the jars all came from the Dollar Tree and the blue and gold bins were from the Target dollar spot. 

I used some leftover chalkboard paint from my craft nook on the cabinet doors and now have a place to write a cute message or a reminder.

On the first shelf I have my daily makeup in the white basket and my toiletries in the blue bin. The black container (which is really one little dish on top of another) holds a couple extra eyeshadows and my eyeliner sharpener. To fill in some of the vertical space I hung an adorable little frame that Dan made me many years ago.

The second shelf holds a little glass toothpick cup where I keep the chalk for the chalkboard, another white basket of nail polish and files, another blue bin for nail polish remover, and lastly my perfume.

Now this next bit of storage I am super psyched about:

I finally hung a shelf above our door! All by myself! 

The shelf came from my Dad's office when he moved recently so all I had to buy were two brackets from Home Depot. Yeah they're a little long but better sturdy than sorry, no? I found the two plastic woven baskets at TJ Maxx and just love them so much. They have lids which is so great for keeping out the dust and they're plastic so the humidity of the bathroom won't bother them at all. 

And how will a shortie like me reach such a shelf? With this adorable little step stool of course (also from TJ Maxx)!

Best part is it folds right up and tucks neatly away between our tub and vanity. Plus when Evey gets older she can use it as a step stool when washing her hands.

Extra TP sits on top for easy access and I accessorized just a tad with this sweet little figurine from, yeah you guessed it...Dollar Tree! It just happened to catch my eye and I knew it was gonna be the right scale for the space.

And last but not least, the original storage of the room, the sink cabinet. I freed up a little space when I moved some of my items out and now everything is neat and accessible.

To solve my hair tools problem I used two Command hooks to hang them on the door! It worked out perfectly because the hooks are nice and strong.

So there ya go...eeking out every square inch of storage in our small, yet functional, bathroom.

I even went ahead and filmed a video for you all! See it here on YouTube.

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