Monday, June 24, 2013

Tackling The Tool Drawer

Organization is a long term process, not a one time deal so it's no surprise that the tool drawer I organized last May needed a little re-evaluation. Since all of our major projects are done, or mostly done, we no longer needed a bunch of things so quickly accessible like we did before. Now that those projects are done I was able to move some items down to our basement tool storage and free up some room in the kitchen drawer. Yup, we keep tools in the kitchen. Is that weird?

What used to look like this:

Now looked like this:

So I needed to do a little of this:

And now it looks like this:

I removed the old bath mat that was there to protect the drawer and replaced it with an old kitchen towel. It still protects the drawer but is less bulky than the mat. I also used a couple dividers to keep things in place like this clear one from the Dollar Tree...

...and this metal one from Ikea.

I also repurposed a crow bar as a divider since its heavy weight will keep a few items contained and prevent them from sliding around.

Ahh much better!

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