Friday, June 7, 2013

The Basement Laundry Room: Before

The most recent room in our home to come under my scrutinizing eye is our basement laundry room. Ever since we moved in I've been wanting to spruce the place up a bit and make it as least basement-like as I could. While I am incredibly grateful to have a washer and dryer in our home, I do wish it were upstairs and not in the unfinished half of our basement. C'est la vie. Since Evey's arrival I seem to be down there pretty much every day so it was time to spruce things up.

Before, the room was a mess. I painted it Indian River when I first found out I was pregnant and was happy to get one more paint job out of the way before the baby was born. Turns out Indian River looks totally disgusting on cinderblock walls in a low-light basement and not lovely like it does in our bathroom.

Yikes. I suppose the former homeowner thought it best to paint the window casings yellow to match the yellow painted concrete sink off to the left. And the yellow spray foam insulation on the ceiling was just a happy accident? Unfortunately it looks as if I actually attempted to make my yellow vintage cart fit in while I assure you, I wasn't. Just coincidence.

Now this room is never going to be great or even finished so I just need to spruce it up as easily and frugally as possible to make it less creepy. First order of business was to clear everything out so all the overflow baby items got moved into our storage area (located to the left of our laundry room) and the fabric on the washer was put away as well. There are only two small windows in this room and the window above the dryer is basically useless. It's located under our back porch so almost no light comes through and it also doesn't help that the first window pane was removed to accommodate the vent hose. The second window in the room does let in a decent amount of light but it was covered by super-stuck-on contact paper. After scraping and scraping we now have a window that actually lets in light!

As you can see from that photo I went ahead and painted the walls and window frames bright white (Behr's Swiss Coffee). For the W/D wall I also painted over all the pipes to help them blend in as best I could.

As you can see from this {old} photo the concrete double sink is painted yellow and the stained basin is pretty much beyond help. While I had my paint out I painted just the top rim of the sink and I think it covers up just enough of the stains. The skirt is not permanently attached, rather I was just seeing how it would look with a little fabric I had on hand. I like the idea of a skirt, but I don't know how I feel about the houndstooth.

From this angle you can see that I sprayed the foam insulation on the ceiling with some dark brown spray paint and it practically disappeared!

The floors had been painted who knows how long ago but have since chipped and peeled pretty badly which makes me wonder if painting them again would be a wise choice. They're also quite uneven in spots so any type of vinyl tile wouldn't stick so maybe paint is my only option. And an area rug for sure. And my green laundry basket is standing out like a sore thumb. I think a white one is in order. And hopefully some wall storage. And now I'm rambling...

How about you you have a basement laundry room?

Psst: I've Pinned a bunch of laundry room ideas for basements...check them out here!
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