Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tips To Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

The full bathroom on our main floor is where Dan and I get ready every day. It's not a big room and although it's not tiny, it definitely is on the small side. Here is a shot of our bathroom from when we toured the house for the first time:

The previous owner's did this room quite a disservice by overloading it with too many things. The over-the-bowl cabinet, while seeming like a good idea for more storage, actually makes the room feel smaller and the visual clutter just adds to that feeling. The dark bath mat, oversized trashcan, and washcloths hanging on the shower curtain all add up to making the room feel much smaller than it really is.

Now that the house is ours, here are four things that we did to help make this small bathroom seem a bit bigger:

1. Hang the shower curtain as high as you can. If I were to truly implement this rule I would go out and buy an oversized shower curtain and hang it all the way up at the ceiling but since I love this curtain and have had it for seven years, I'm sticking with a good thing.

2. Don't close your shower curtain all the way. If your bathroom is like mine with the shower at the back don't feel like you need to close it off when guests are over. By leaving your curtain open just a bit, you make the eye go all the way back to the far wall which in turn makes your room feel bigger. This rule of course doesn't apply if your shower is off to the side or you have sliding doors...

3. Take up your bath mat. This is something I've only recently started doing and I must say it does make a difference! Again, when you walk in the room and your eye can see all the floor at once it makes the room feel more spacious. We simply put the mat down when we shower and then pick it back up when we're done. And yes, I did steal the bath mat from our basement bathroom-- I like seeing it every day!

4. Clear off your counters. Obviously our counter is as tiny as can be but you'd be surprised how much we can fit on it when getting ready in the morning! Do yourself a favor and clear off your counter every time you finish getting ready and keep it clear all day. The only thing allowed is your soap dispenser. 
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