Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Organized: Fridge & Freezer Tour

The total organizational overhaul of the kitchen is still underway and after organizing my baking supplies, junk drawer, and side of the fridge, it was time to get things in order inside the refrigerator and freezer. Things weren't too bad but I added just a bit more organizational goodness to keep things nice and neat. After going grocery shopping yesterday it was high time for a tour since believe me, our fridge is never this stocked except on grocery day!

Let's take a peek shall we...

Now I believe this fridge is missing a shelf on the door but it has been this way since we moved in so we make due with the two shelves just fine. I did go ahead and label my shelves (yes I'm a dork) but I just used a little washi tape so if things need to be rearranged they are easily removable. I labeled only the shelves that remain pretty much the same and left plenty of open space for the items that rotate out on a regular basis. I also didn't label the butter shelf because let's face it, there will only ever be butter in there!

Our fridge is a standard size and works just fine for our little family but I did hate how much wasted space was being under-utilized in the back of the shelves. Things would get lost or forgotten about and I needed a better system.

So I added these plastic bins (from the Dollar Tree) to corral a few items that were consistent staples for a nice grab-and-go set up. The larger bin on the left is a perfect size and fits all the way to the back-- horray for no wasted space! I use it for salad fix-ins and it's nice to just bring out the whole bin when I'm making lunch or dinner and then put it all back in one step. 

The smaller bins on the right hold yogurts in the front and some limes in the back. I usually have lemons as well but not this time.

The top shelf holds our milk, juice, and eggs and the middle is kept as an open and un-labeled area for leftovers and food being cooked that week. We do tend to go through milk pretty quickly between lattes, cereal, and the occasional glass with dessert so the top shelf is a perfect spot. And of course Evey's milk is in the back left. That tall cup in the middle actually catches all the little water drips that seem to come from our freezer.

The middle shelf has our deli and cheese drawer (which I organized with a food container cast-off) and bread while the rest of the shelf stays open for rotating snacks like hummus or extra salad mix.

The door holds condiments, naturally. All of our jellies and sandwich supplies are up top as well as my coffee creamer and homemade vanilla syrup.

The bottom shelf holds our "salads and savory" which just means salad dressings and cooking ingredients. This shelf also holds overflow items like more juice and extra condiments.

To make all the labels I simply rolled out a strip of washi tape right onto my counter and used a Sharpie to write out each item. Then you just cut and stick.

Moving on into the freezer you can see that we are pushing the limits of this little space! I believe a deep freezer may be in our near future to hold extra meat and veggies, as well as my growing stash of breast milk and the baby food I plan to make in the next few months.

So for now, this is what we have going on:

I outgrew my one shoe box for breast milk and had to add another which, as you can see, is already full! On the bottom we have extra breads, chicken, and ice pops.

The door holds our veggies, extra butter and nuts.

And there ya have it! Just one more step closer to a fully organized and functional kitchen.

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