Monday, July 22, 2013

Our Home With Baby: 3 Months

I thought it might be interesting to show you guys all the small changes that have happened to our house since welcoming Evey. While our home doesn't scream "baby!" (and I hope it never does) there are definitely touches here and there that let you know we have a baby on board. Starting in the living room, having a baby is the most evident here because this is where most people keep a big swing or a smaller bouncy seat...we have both. The bouncy seat however tends to move around the house like in the kitchen when I'm making dinner or blogging in the office.

In the cabinet next to the swing I keep diaper changing supplies and extra blankets for quick and easy access.

And as I've shown before, her carseat gets parked next to the front door so we can grab and go.

Moving into the kitchen, our "pantry" cabinet doubles as my breastmilk bag storage since it is next to the freezer. I'm currently transitioning from Medela to Lansinoh and maybe I'll do a post on that one day if anyone cares to know.

In the freezer I'm quickly running out of space for my shoebox organization and will be needing a chest freezer asap.

Next to the kitchen sink we have a Boon grass drying rack for hand-washed bottles and pump accessories. All other dishes get put away immediately, as per my daily cleaning schedule!

Upstairs in our room we still have the bassinet Evey sleeps in although now that she is sleeping through the night (hallelujah!) it may be time to transition her to her nursery. Maybe in a month or so.

And lastly we have my bedside table cleared of pregnancy books and now holding a glass of water (always!), aspirator (she hates but needs), saline drops (so great!), and a pacifier (rarely used).

So there ya have it, that's how our home has changed to accommodate baby at 3 months old (although she won't be technically 3 months until the 1st of August). When she starts to get older, plays with more toys and starts eating solids I'm sure things will continue to evolve but I'll keep ya posted.
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