Thursday, August 15, 2013

Basement Storage Closet Organization

Oh boy has this been a long time coming. We've lived in our house for over two years now and for those past two years this basement storage closet has been organized, junked up, cleaned out, and junked up again and enough was enough! Having our garage sale was just the kick in the pants I needed to continue de-clutting those hidden spaces in our house. There aren't many, since I've been at this for a while, but they're still lurking in the dark, behind closed doors.

I grabbed these two stills from my Basement Family Room Tour video to give you a better look at the before, since I only snagged the one photo above.

After buying the 18-compartment organizer from The Container Store and vowing to get all our screws and nuts and bolts organized I simply continued that organization over to the storage closet as well. But back to that first step was to gather all the screws, etc. from around the house like in our kitchen junk drawer...

...and the 6-drawer organizer in the storage room off of our laundry room.

This thing needed a good clean-out.

So I hunkered down with my Evey girl, some YouTube, and my junk drawers and screws and got down to business.

There were so many piles like this of just pure randomness.

In the end I purged a ton from the drawers and threw out SO MUCH PACKAGING.

Once the drawers were done I headed into the storage closet, knowing full well that the two boxes on the left held a bunch of random screws at the bottom and I took the time to go through them all and tossed anything we didn't need. Then using some simple white printer paper and masking tape I labeled the boxes. Quick and dirty. And cheap. Not usually nice things to say but in this case it works.

In the wall we stash long pieces of trim- it works perfectly!

Now as for that organizer...viola!

Isn't it glorious? I did run out of room so I bought this smaller organizer at the dollar store and it perfectly fit the rest of the things, many of which were too big for the other organizer.

I even found this washer kit when I was cleaning out the boxes!

Now they are all nicely organized and we will know exactly where to look the next time we need something!

Watch the video tour of the storage closet here!
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