Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Organizing Under The Kitchen Sink

A few months ago when I showed our kitchen cabinet tour the area under our sink looked like this:

Random items and recycling were everywhere with no real purpose. Also, our main garbage can used to just be out in the open, with no lid. Truth Time: It used to live on the far wall of our kitchen under the frame and I would move it for photos. Oh the shame...

So I finally said enough is enough and bought a slighter smaller can to put under our sink. This particular can is from Home Depot and it isn't meant to have a lid, which is perfect for this situation, rather it has these convenient little side clips which hold the bag in place. I really pushed the limits with this sized can because anything taller wouldn't fit at all but I still wanted to be able to hold as much trash as possible.

After relocating or tossing pretty much everything in this cabinet and adding in a new garbage can and wire rack it now looks like this:

I moved the recycling can to the middle, printed off the recycling symbol from the computer, cut it out, and taped it on. Yes I realize I actually spent time doing that and it probably makes me a giant nerd but honestly I kinda love the graphic black and white look and it is now much easier for any guests to know just where things go so they don't have to feel like they're gonna mess something up. The large two-drawer organizer on the left I picked up at The Container Store and it fit perfectly in this cabinet and now holds all my little cleaning accessories up top...

...and our dishwasher detergent below. I picked up that clear bin (and four others) at Home Depot a few days ago for 99¢ each and the detergent fit perfectly inside. It fit an entire box of Cascade detergent and then some... I could probably fit two! For scooping purposes, I just threw in an extra measuring spoon I had on hand.

Since I know I'm just gonna blink and Evey will be walking I'm glad I got that trash can out of the room and what's even better is that our guests no longer have to look at last night's dinner.

To see the video tour click here!
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