Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our Organized "Pantry"

You guys saw yesterday the amazing deals I found at Goodwill and now you can see how I used them in our kitchen! To refresh, I bought both of these cabinet organizers for just $1.50. That's less than a cup of Starbucks my friends and these guys will be around so much longer!

While we don't have a pantry in our kitchen per se, we do have a double wall cabinet to the right of our fridge that serves the same purpose. This cabinet wasn't exactly in disarray before, it was simply not organized and now it is neat and beautiful! At least, as beautiful as a cabinet full of boxes and cans can be... Anyways, here ya go:

This under-shelf organizer is perfect for keeping my baby items up and out of the way of the rest of the food items in the pantry. I could move them somewhere else completely but this spot is just the most practical since it is next to the freezer and centrally located in the kitchen where I spend a large chunk of my day.

There is a small gap between this organizer and the one beneath it but I am okay with sacrificing that small sliver of space!

On the bottom shelf we keep canned items, chips, and granola bars which are accessed most frequently.

The middle shelf holds breakfast-y items on the right and cooking ingredients on the left.

The top shelf is the hardest to reach, for me at least, so I put things up here that we don't use as often like extra snacks and Ramen noodles.

Extra foodie items used for dinner (like pastas, lentils, sauces, and spices) are kept in the cooking cabinet next to the stove.

And as for that plate rack, it's doing its thang holding up our cutting boards and baking dishes! 

Now things are easily removable and no longer stacked on top of one another.

For even more pantry goodness check out the video tour on my YouTube channel!

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