Monday, October 21, 2013

Crushin' On Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln has definitely had his moment in the spotlight lately. From the Oscar winning movie Lincoln, to the New York Times bestseller Killing Lincoln, even celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon and naming their kids Lincoln. Our kitchen is even painted Gettysburg Gray! All this attention is of course for good reason seeing as our 16th president certainly is one of our most beloved, best known for ending slavery and telling the truth. That's why when I came across this ceramic Lincoln bust at a yard sale this past weekend for $3 I had to make him mine. He came with a few nicks but I knew I could easily fix him up and give him a spot of honor.

To fix the nicks I simply mixed a dab of brown paint with a dab of black and now he is like new. I can't even tell where the nicks were anymore!

These photos above are exactly true to life color-wise but when I snapped these next photos in our living room as the sun was setting he's looking much more like his copper counterpart.

To round out my new display I quickly Googled a Lincoln quote and some fun fonts to create this piece of art to lean against the back.

And if you love Lincoln as much as I do, here's a free printable for you!

Simply save it as a PDF for easy printing. Enjoy!
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