Friday, November 22, 2013

Another Organized Kitchen!

Well I'm on a roll here folks. After organizing my own kitchen months ago I felt the itch to start another kitchen organizing project and bam! two fell into my lap! Yesterday I shared my sister's newly organized kitchen and I'm back today to share the changes I made in my friend Caren's new kitchen.

Caren and her husband moved out of their one bedroom condo into this adorable three bedroom home about a month ago in preparation for fostering to adopt. They needed a larger space and the Lord blessed them with this home just waiting to be filled! And as you all know, moving in and settling down in a new house is challenging, especially when you don't know what age child (or children!) you may be getting in the very near future.

Since organizing kitchens is kinda my thing and I even helped her out at her previous condo I offered to help her yet again and she gladly agreed, although truly the pleasure is all mine. She has more cabinet space in this new kitchen which was great but she just needed a little help with placement and function.

Her counters did also have some clutter but by tossing a few things and rearranging others we were able to get those counters nice and clear!

She has a great large pantry but again it needed just a little tweaking.

Now here is her kitchen after!

Sorry I don't have too many befores but this little corner cabinet turned out great and we managed to clear off the counters nicely.

Inside we moved her bakeware from a hard-to-get-to bottom cabinet into this space and even created some functional storage for her husband's Soda Stream. Instead of getting the flavors from the pantry they are all now in one spot above the machine and his bottle can fit on the shelf as well, instead of being kept on the counter.

The pantry also got a nice little refresh after we cleared out a container of dog food and moved it closer to the dog's dish for easy access. Clearing that away meant we could move the basket of mixer parts up next to the mixer and then tidy up the rest of the food items.

The lower cabinet also got a little tidying and we managed to completely clear one shelf so she could keep her lovely canisters (holding dish cloths) into this cabinet and off the counters. 

This next cabinet is one of those awkward corner cabinets with tons of dead space in the back that no one knows how to deal with! Well we came up with a solution that I think works great and now Caren has a designated spot for all her baking supplies. Since this cabinet is located adjacent to the previous cabinet holding her bakeware it was a perfect solution. 

Using three Dollar Tree bins we created a system where everything is still accessible by simply pulling out the first bin and sliding the others forward. Love it!

This next cabinet is located right above their sink and previously had loads of cleaning products inside which we then moved down underneath the sink. Like I mentioned before, Caren and her husband are planning to foster in the very near future so this cabinet will remain mostly unused in the mean time until they know which age their child(ren) will be. If they are blessed with a baby, this cabinet will be great for all those bottles and bibs and everything else that comes with the territory. And since this is also one of those wasted space cabinets the same canvas bin system will work perfectly! Also we moved up their bins of medicine into the middle shelf so it is out of the way of little hands. And the Corn Flakes? Well that box was just too big for the pantry so when it's all gone that shelf will be clear once more.

And lastly, underneath the sink. She plans to keep her trash can under here once a child comes so this will need a little rearranging and a little more organizing but we actually did toss quite a few things! In the mean time it is quite functional and tidy, nothing a few more bins couldn't fix.

And that's it for this kitchen organization project! Here's one last look at the fresh new space with cleared counters and organized cabinets.

Thanks for letting me snoop Caren!

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