As a plumber, some of the works you might come across are repairing and installing plumbing systems like water and waste. This article will give into details some plumbing services

Plumbing services

Leak detection

Water leakage can lead to a rise in water bills. This forces the homeowner to call a plumber to repair the leaking pipes. A leak may not be easy to find. It might take you a few hours and at times might mean digging holes on the walls to check on pipe fittings. It is advisable to call a plumber during working hours. Any other call after working hours is considered an emergency, and it will be more expensive.

Unclogging pipes

Some things including food, grease, and hair can result to clogged pipes and sinks. If you cannot unclog the pipe yourself, you will be forced to call a plumber. A plumber has special tools for that work. Rooter machines and plumber snakes are among the tools used for unclogging. A rooter machine has blades hooked on cables that spin to clear the clog. The plumber’s snake, on the other hand, reaches the clogs in the pipes and clears them. They come in different diameters because the pipes are in different diameters too. If the two cannot unclog the pipes, plumbers use hydro-jetting. This involves high pressured water that clean the pipes.

Repairing or replacing garbage disposals

Garbage disposals get worn out from continuous use. Homeowners find the need to replace them. A plumber can as well be called to replace or repair damaged parts of the waste disposal when they find no need to replace. Plumbers repair damaged garbage disposals by replacing broken parts and fittings.

Replacing water heaters

Many people make emergency calls when the water heater is broken. Replacing water heater takes about two to three hours. You can replace the water heater on your own, but, you are asked to call a plumber because it should meet local building codes.

Rerouting pipes

If you are doing home remodeling or have leaky pipes, a plumber is called to reroute the old pipes or re-pipe. This means changing the piping system so that it matches the new design of the kitchen. It can also be done to close leaky or damaged pipes. It is okay to DIY, but at times the help of a professional is needed to avoid making the situation worse. Gauge the level of damage and make a wise decision on if to do it on your own or to call a professional.…

Outdoor lighting improves garden and home aesthetics and ensures security and safety. No matter the size of the balcony, garden or patio, there are a variety of lights that transform the space making it more welcoming. This article will give you styles and types of outdoor lighting.

Types of outdoor lighting


Task lights should be installed at the entrance points like in front of garages, sheds or porches. They provide enough lighting making it possible to enter and leave the premises safely. To make the lighting attractive, install it above the front door, using a lantern wall light. They give such a fantastic stylish look, and they are inviting. Another style that gives the same illumination is the flush fitting wall lights. They are also more affordable and easy to install at the side or back doors.


Such are aimed to give an extra lighting on the driveways, steps, outside seating areas, and paths. Deck lights can be used to light pathways too.


These are the best lights to give a look of drama and atmosphere to the garden or If you want to highlight a sculpture, water feature, pond, plants or any other focal point in the garden. To get an intense or focused beam, place the light near your favorite feature. If the lights are put on the sides of the features, a soft and flattering effect is achieved.


Security lights are meant to distract the intruder. They should be cost effective and of high visibility. They will perform their function well if installed on the outbuilding, boundary walls, and the main property. In most cases, the lights are heat activated or motion so that they light up immediately there is undesired attention. They are as well built with a built in detector or a stand-alone detector. To avoid tampering, you must install security lights. For proper functioning, the lights should be installed at least two meters above the ground.


Solar lights are eco-friendly and energy efficient for the premises. With solar lights, you can be able to save up to 80% everyday running costs. You need a solar panel which picks up energy from the sun and stores it in a battery. Solar lights automatically light up as darkness comes in giving a warm and soft glow. All the above types of lighting are necessary. As explained each plays an important role. Ensure to install them in your home or garden. In a case of failures, repairs should be done immediately.…


It’s A Boy!
This weekend I became an aunt (again). My sister that we threw the shower for last month had her baby yesterday, a week earlier than her due date, and exactly one month after my birthday. Welcome to the world sweet boy, you are already more loved than you’ll ever know. Zachary John was born April 3rd and is a little bundle of squishy joy.

Posted by Hilary at 10:00 AM
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Gotta Try This
Saw this pop up a few times today and I think I may attempt it this weekend, or sometime before Easter.


Originally seen here. So cute, no? Happy Friday everyone!
Posted by Hilary at 1:07 PM
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Clutter Corner: Before
There’s a spot in our apartment that always seems to collect clutter and no matter how I try to organize it, the space doesn’t get better. Anyone else have that problem? Here’s mine:



It’s in our dining room, against a wall that doesn’t get seen too often.

This table used to serve a purpose when we had a laptop and I did my schoolwork on the dining room table. So this table sufficed as our printer stand/storage facility for our stapler, hole puncher, and extra pens and paper. But now that we have a new office area, complete with printer table, this table is no longer needed here. The only purpose it serves is to hold our lamp, which is necessary because this room has no overhead lighting, and to collect clutter.


And yes, there is a headboard in our dining room. It was a $20 Craigslist find I couldn’t pass up but since we don’t exactly need it right now, it needs to be stored elsewhere.

Another angle to get an understanding of this room. The framed piece I don’t really care for but Dan loves it so when we moved it from the Landing, we compromised and hung it here. Problem is we just hung it on an existing nail that was already in the wall so it is much too close to our thermostat.

So that’s my project this weekend- clean up and make sense of this corner of our apartment. What about you? If you are a music lover, you can also display memorabilia of the album anne murray glen campbell or the portraits band.

Anyone who have weekend organizing projects of their own?

Posted by Hilary at 10:00 AM
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You’ve Got Mail
Indeed I got mail today, a whole slew of very exciting things awaited me when I came home for my lunch break. First off, one of my Dolce chairs arrived, right on schedule with the first estimated delivery date- gotta love Target.

Unfortunately the chairs were being shipped separately so I don’t know when to expect the next one but hopefully it won’t be in the too distant future.

Next up was this:

One of my final issues of Entertainment (since I recently cancelled the subscription),

the new Dwell Studio catalogue (very exciting), and

yup I got it, the Domino Book of Decorating. I’d seen snippets of the beauty held between those pages and I had to have it for myself. Especially after the magazine went out of production, I wanted something to remember it by. I can’t wait for a quiet evening where I can sit down with that bad boy, to read and admire it very slowly.
Posted by Hilary at 1:32 PM
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Sometimes People Are Awesome


Monday night, during my usual daily hunt for a brass coffee table, I came across a table of a different kind.

Sorry about the quality, that was the original list photo from good ol’ Craig. The shape was interesting and the overlapping squares felt so West Elm, and best of all it was only ten bucks. The next day I shot the guy a text and it was still available so we picked it up after work Tuesday night. So why are people awesome sometimes? Well for our “trouble” of driving out to pick it up, the guy gave it to me for FREE! It’s like he didn’t know how Craigslist works or something. So with a sweet little table in my trunk and ten bucks in my pocket I was a happy lady driving home that night.…