Cleaning Tips

cleaning windows

Window cleaning is a difficult task. Since it is an already difficult task, you cannot afford to make more mistakes. It will make the job undoable. Below are some mistakes often made when cleaning windows.

Mistakes made when cleaning windows

Cleaning under the wrong weather conditions

cleaning windowsWindows need a good cleaning anytime, but you should consider the weather before starting the job. Many of us think that cleaning windows is best when it is sunny; the truth is it is not. Under the bright sun, you cannot run away from smudges because the cleaning solution dries fast. Cleaning them in the rainy reason is very risky and useless. Rainwater will pollute the windows leaving them with stains and streaks. When is the best time to do the cleaning? Wait until there are rain forecasts and the sun is not too bright.

Not removing debris and deposits before cleaning the windows

Before cleaning windows, remove any deposits or bird droppings accumulated on the windows. This saves you a lot of energy and time trying to remove them while cleaning. To make the deposits removal easy, use scrappers. If they are stuck, window spray will help loosen them for easy removal. Use a paper or towel to remove them after spraying. Deposit free windows are easy to clean.

Using the wrong materials

The other common mistake is the use of wrong materials. With window cleaning, you will have to deal with a lot of muck. Lint based cloths and paper towels will leave fibers all over the dress. People will be wondering if the windows were truly cleaned. People tend to use newspapers for the same, but they contain a lot of toxic from the ink. Your hands will be filled with ink by the time you are done with the cleaning. Harsh chemicals will also ruin your hands. Some will attract more debris after cleaning. The best solution to this is using a simple solution of water and lemon juice to clean your windows.

cleaning windowsIt might seem an easy job, but you will realize how difficult it is when it is your turn to do the cleaning. The good thing is there are professional window cleaners. If it becomes too hard on you, you are allowed to get your windows cleaned by a professional at a small fee.