a lady in a home sauna

Many people think that building a home sauna is very costly and challenging. However, it is possible, and the benefits of having one are worth every dollar you will spend and the efforts.
Here are some tips to help you build a home sauna:

Choose Sauna Kit or Building

You can choose to purchase a pre-made sauna kit, which you will only have to assemble or to have one made as per your specifications on the site. You could also get a portable sauna that you will not have to be fixed in one position. Sauna kits are of varying shapes and sizes and can help you save some cash and get the job done fast.


So, do you want your sauna indoors or outdoors? Typically, indoor saunas are more common. However, outdoor ones are a good idea if you lack space indoors or you want to have it overlooking a specific view or next to a pool. The challenge with an outdoor sauna is the exposure to elements that necessitates more insulation to remain hot.

sauna in the house


You need sufficient space that can accommodate more than one person at a go or at least allow a person to lie down. Being a place for leisure and relaxation, one should not feel restricted. If you decide to make it an extension of the bathroom, plan your space well. But avoid having excess space that will make you end up with unnecessary heating hence wasting energy.

spacious sauna

Decide on the sauna heater

The most common sauna heaters are the electric ones, and this means you must have access to electricity to use them. For the areas without power supply, you can opt for wood sauna heaters. Another option could be a gas sauna heater, although it is a bit expensive.
The latest technology of infrared saunas is another option. They come as a kit which you can install in a room in your house, but you must have a power supply in your home. Get some professional help for electrical installations.


A home sauna is a worthy investment due to its health benefits as well as for relaxation. The above tips can help you build one…