Calamities, such as typhoons and floods, are dreaded by homeowners because of the harm that these could bring to their properties. Some damages can be fixed easily, but there are also long-term effects that could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

If you have been affected by a flood recently, you should never underestimate the damages. Keep in mind that small things could get bigger after quite some time. So even if the effects of the flood seem to be minor, it would still be best to have an expert look at them.

Mold Growth

mold growthOne of the things that you should watch out for in your home after a flood is mold growth, and this could quickly occur within 24 to 48 hours. Once your house has been exposed to water, you should act immediately to eliminate the moisture. Otherwise, you can expect mold growth everywhere, from the wall and ceiling to your set of furniture and just about anything that got wet.

Aside from the damages that mold can cause to the interior and exterior of your home, it can also adversely affect your health and that of your loved ones. Its effects include skin, throat, and eye irritation. You may also experience nasal stuffiness and other respiratory-related illnesses.

Damaged Appliances

Once your appliances have been exposed to water, it would be very dangerous to use them again. In some instances, they could still be fixed, but most of the time, this would be almost impossible to do. The best thing that you can do is to have an expert inspect the items. If they are beyond repair, then your next option is to replace them, which would definitely cost a lot of money.

With that said, you must always be vigilant. If you know that a typhoon is coming, and your place is prone to flood, it is best to take precautionary measures. Find some ways in which you can protect your appliances.

Damaged Electrical and Gas Lines

Electrical and gas lines could also be severely damaged by water. Once you start cleaning up after a flood, it is highly recommended that you shut off all electrical and gas lines to avoid explosion and other related accidents.

Just like damaged appliances, you might be required to replace the lines as well. Faulty wiring is quite dangerous, so you should never take the risk.…